Santa Clara Valley Chapter Executive Board

Amy Bhatnagar


Vice President
Ellen Tryba Chen

Members at Large

Solmaaz Adeli

Kyra Johnson

Treasurer / Webmaster
Grant Kondo

Immediate Past President

Julie Poklewski

Event Chairs

Festival Recital Series
Irena Talyansky

Emerging Performer Recital Series

Natalia Pressman

Adult Recital Series

DeAnna Howe

Pedagogy & Play | Social Chair

Yvonne Reddy

Student Evaluations
Glenda Timmerman

Jamie Del Priore 

Piano & Ensemble Auditions
Jui-Ping Chou

Honors Competition | YPLN Chair

Tingyuan Luo


Why join?  Become a Part of CAPMT

California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT) is a vibrant network of professional and progressive music teachers.  We are fully committed to promoting the arts through our various programs -- both for student and teacher development.  Through this organization, we strive to connect individual studio teachers with school teachers and University faculty to create a strong community.


Our Chapter is Santa Clara Valley, consisting of the South Bay area, which is part of District 2 (San Francisco Bay Area).   When you join the Music Teachers' National Association, you can register to become a member of District 2 of California Association of Professional Music Teachers and a member of the local Santa Clara Valley Chapter.


Information and application forms are on the MTNA website here.  



Getting Involved

The best way to learn about the benefits of CAPMT/MTNA membership for you and your students is to get involved!  Send us a hello via our "Contact Us" page above.

Our Chapter Meetings and Pedagogy & Play are great ways to get an introduction to our organization and meet some of the members.  Check out Teacher Programs for more information!

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