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Chapter Board

Santa Clara Valley Chapter Executive Board

Grant Kondo, NCTM


Members at Large

Allison Gessner

Dr. Yu-Ting Huang

Vice President

Julie Poklewski (acting)

Immediate Past President

Amy Bhatnagar

Dr. Nate May

Joomi Lee-Nam

Event Chairs

Festival Recital Series

Teck-Mei Chong, NCTM (Chair)

Dr. Yu-Chi Tai (Vice Chair)

Emerging Performer Recital Series

Julie Poklewski

Adult Recital Series

Julie Poklewski

Pedagogy & Play

Yvonne Reddy

Social Activities

Yvonne Reddy

Student Evaluations
Glenda Timmerman (Chair)

Dr. Jamie Del Priore (Vice Chair)

Piano & Ensemble Festivals
Jui-Ping Chou, NCTM (Chair)

Tina Shu-Ting Fang (Vice Chair)

Honors Competition

Dr. Yu-Ting Huang

Dr. Vicky Wang 

Contemporary Competition 

Anjela Asryan 

Dr. Kristal Kim, NCTM

Young Professionals Leadership Network (YPLN)


MusicIN Evaluations

Grant Kondo, NCTM (Chair)

Crystal Nichols (Vice Chair)



Kyra Johnson



Allison Gessner

Dr. Nate May

How to Join

Why join?  Become a Part of CAPMT

California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT) is a vibrant network of professional and progressive music teachers.  We are fully committed to promoting the arts through our various programs -- both for student and teacher development.  Through this organization, we strive to connect individual studio teachers with school teachers and university faculty to create a strong community.


Our Chapter is Santa Clara Valley, consisting of the South Bay area, which is part of District 2 (San Francisco Bay Area).   When you join the Music Teachers National Association, you can register to become a member of District 2 of California Association of Professional Music Teachers and a member of the local Santa Clara Valley Chapter.


Information and application forms are on the MTNA website here.  


How to Get Involved

Getting Involved

The best way to learn about the benefits of CAPMT/MTNA membership for you and your students is to get involved!  Send us a hello via our Contact Us page.

Our Chapter Meetings and Pedagogy & Play are great ways to get an introduction to our organization and meet some of the members.  Check out Teacher Programs for more information!

To contact any CAPMT personnel, click HERE for Contact Form.

Chapter Bylaws

Last Updated in 2022

Download here

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