Piano & Ensemble Auditions

Piano Auditions and Ensemble Auditions are non-competitive programs designed to encourage and motivate students through a festival format, where repertoire is performed and students are given comments a rating from 1-5.   Students receiving a "5" are invited (but not required) to perform at the CAPMT Northern Festival.

Piano Auditions Brief Overview

  • Levels 1-10

  • Two Solo Pieces (memorization required)

    • One must be from syllabus

  • One Accompanied Piece (piano duet/4 hands or piano duo) - memorization not necessary

    • Piece must be from syllabus

  • Full details can be found here: Piano Auditions


Ensemble Auditions Brief Overview

  • Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

  • Any combination of instruments and voice

  • Repertoire does not need to be memorized

  • Full details can be found here: Ensemble Auditions


Date: ONLINE 2020 | Deadline is Nov 1, 2020

Location: ONLINE for 2020

Fees: $30-40 depending on level

Registration is done online via the links above.

(See instructional video on right.)

Questions?  Please contact the Chair, Jui-Ping Chou.



Student Evaluations

Student Evaluations is a comprehensive program dedicated to developing all the skills of a well-rounded musician.   

Currently available for piano.

Student Evaluations Brief Overview

  • Repertoire

  • Technique

  • Sight Reading

  • Oral Questions

  • Theory

  • Aural Skills

Important Dates

March 1-15, 2021: Online Registration NO LATE APPLICATIONS 

March 29, 2021 : Repertoire Forms and Student List Due (must be mailed or dropped off in-person)

Rep Forms:  Prep A  |  Prep B - Level 2 | Levels 3-10 | Levels 11-12

Student List

April 5, 2021: Technique and Oral Questions announced

April 15, 2021: ALL Video Links and Sheet Music Uploads Due

April 30, 2021: Theory Exams sent to teachers via e-mail

May 5, 2021: Teachers return Theory Exams to Chair

June 1, 2021: Results and Certificates Available for Pick-Up


Location: VIRTUAL

Fees: Levels Prep - 4: $45  |  Levels 5 - 10: $55  |   Levels 11 - 12: $70

The full syllabi can be found here.

The Student Evaluations Honors Recital will resume in 2022 at Santa Clara University Recital Hall.

Questions?  Please contact the Chair, Glenda Timmerman.


Festival Recital Series

Our Chapter hosts Festival Recitals throughout the school year for experienced students who are looking for opportunities to participate in formal recitals.  We also have opportunities for students to perform concertos and two-piano works.  


Students of all instruments and voice welcome!

Festival Recitals will be Sundays at 4 - 7:30 PM.


September 27, 2020  |  Registration Deadline: Sept 18

November 29, 2020  |  Registration Deadline: Nov 23

February 7, 2021  |  Registration Deadline: Jan 31

April 18, 2021

Location: Online on Zoom

Fees: $15 for up through 6 min. | $25 for 7-10 min.  (Maximum 10 min. per student) |  +additional $30  for Non-CAPMT Members

RegistrationFestival Recital Registration


Questions?  Please contact the Chair, Irena Talyansky.



Emerging Performer Recital Series

A recital series for very young students or older beginning students is the Emerging Performer Recital series.  A more relaxed atmosphere for students who are relatively new to performing and want to gain more positive experiences.


  • October 31, 2020 (Sat)  |  Theme: Halloween

We encourage participants to dress up in their costumes and decorate for Halloween and share at the recital. Halloween related repertoire is welcomed but not required. 

  • 2021 TBA

Time: 4 PM

Location: Online

Fees: $15 for CAPMT Members,  $45 for Non-CAPMT Members

RegistrationEmerging Performer Recital Registration

Questions?  Please contact the Chair, Natalia Pressman.


Adult Recital Series

Adult Recitals provide opportunities to participate in a welcoming "Adults Only (18+)" Recital.

Repertoire of all levels and genres is welcome and does not need to be memorized.  A short reception follows each recital!



  • TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Fees: $15 for CAPMT Members, $45 for Non-CAPMT Member

RegistrationAdult Recital Registration

Full details can be found here: Adult Recital Information


Questions?  Please contact the Chair, TBD.



Musical Corner for All

Musical Corner for All is a series of short lectures about classical music, with a special theme for each session. Program will be accompanied by recordings of great performers, of both instrumental and orchestral works. Topics will include composers and their time, style and interpretation.

The goal of this program is to help everyone to listen, understand and enjoy the music.

These will be held on Sunday evenings.



  • October 25, 2020

  • December 20, 2020

  • March 28, 2021

  • May 30, 2021

Time: 6 PM 

Location: Online on Zoom


Questions?  Please contact the Chair, Irena Talyansky.



Honors Competition

The Honors Competition is a competitive event open to all instruments and voice.  Winners of each age category will represent the District at the State Finals.


Brief Overview

  • Five Age Categories

    • Category A: Ages 9 & Under

    • Category B: Ages 10-12

    • Category C: Ages 13-15

    • Category D: Ages 16-18

    • Category E: Ages 19-26

  • Two Selections Required (all must be memorized)

    • One from Baroque or Classical

    • One from Romantic or Impressionistic or Contemporary

    • NO Concerti

  • Time Limits

    • Categories A & B: 10 minutes

    • Category C: 12 minutes

    • Categories D & E: 15 minutes


Full details and Registration can be found here: Honors Competition Guidelines


Date: TBD Winter 2021

Location: Online

The State Finals will be held on TBD 2021.


Questions?  Please contact the Chair, Vicky Wang.

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