Evaluation Program & Artist Competition
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 Date: March 5, 2022 (Sat)



Artist Competition | Valley Christian Conservatory

Evaluations (In-Person) | Valley Christian Conservatory

Evaluations (Virtual) | Zoom

MusicIN Evaluation Program is  a comprehensive evaluation with an option of participating in-person or virtually.  It covers topics and offers special opportunities not seen in most traditional evaluations.  Currently offered for piano and hoping to expand to include additional instruments next year.

  • Creative Skills: Composition, Improvisation, Arranging

  • Communication Skills: Interaction and Engagement with Evaluators

  • Inclusion of Musical Styles: Beyond the Western Classical Canon

  • Critical Thinking Skills: The Big Picture

  • Holistic and Interdisciplinary Applications: Connecting Music with Life Applications

MusicIN Artist Competition is a NEW program for 2021-2022!  It is a competition for versatile performers including creative and communication skills.  Open to all instruments and voice.  Held in-person at Valley Christian Conservatory.  There are two divisions: Junior (ages 13 and under) and Senior (ages 14-22).  See link below for full details.

  • Creative Skills: Composition, Improvisation, Arranging

  • Communication Skills: Competitors Interact with and Engage the Audience

  • Inclusion of Musical Styles: Beyond the Western Classical Canon

Questions?  Please contact the Chair, Grant Kondo.

Evaluators & Adjudicators

Sample Written Examinations

Resources for Creative Skills

Authors Listed in Alphabetical Order

Books on Arranging

Randy Felts - Reharmonization Techniques

Forrest Kinney - Quick Chord Course

Forrest Kinney - Puzzle Play Series

Forrest Kinney - Chord Play Series

Jerald Simon - 100 Left Hand Patterns: Play the Same Song 100 Different Ways

Books on Improvisation

Chung & Thurmond - Improvisation at the Piano for the Classically Trained Pianist

Forrest Kinney - Create First! Series

Forrest Kinney - Pattern Play Series

John Mortensen - The Pianist's Guide to Historic Improvisation

David Reed - Improvise for Real


Books on Jazz Piano

Eric Baumgartner - Jazz Piano Basics Series

Mark Davis - Jazz Piano Method

Mark Levine - The Jazz Piano Book

Ray Santisi - Berklee Jazz Piano

Jeremy Siskind - Playing Solo Jazz Piano

Books on Composition

Alan Belkin - Musical Composition: Craft and Art

Ben Ereddia - Dragon Quest: A Music Composition Adventure

Carol Klose - Piano Teacher's Guide to Creative Composition

Vincent Persichetti - 20th Century Harmony

Wynn-Anne Rossi - Creative Composition Toolbox Series

Stephen Stone - Music Theory and Composition: A Practical Approach

Books on Composition for Media

Richard Davis - Complete Guide to Film Scoring

Andy Hill - Scoring the Screen: The Secret Language of Film Music

Ben Newhouse - Creative Strategies in Film Scoring

Winifred Phillips - A Composer's Guide to Game Music

Lalo Schifrin - Music Composition for Film and Television

Method Books

Fisher & Knerr - Piano Safari

Kreader et al. - Scales, Patterns, and Improvs Series

People: Websites / Blogs / YouTube Channels

Paula Dreyer

Forrest Kinney


John Mortensen

Adam Neely

Open Studio Jazz

Tiffany Poon

Jeremy Siskind

Nahre Sol

Bradley Sowash

Tim Topham

Leila Viss

Expand Your Repertoire!

A Seat at the Piano  ::  Inclusion in Piano Repertoire

Boulanger Initiative  ::  Women Composers

Ebony Music  ::  Piano Music by Black Composers

Hymnary  ::  Worship Music

IMSLP  ::  Western Classical Music

Institute for Composer Diversity

Kapralova Society  ::  Women Composers

Music by Black Composers

Piano Music She Wrote