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CAPMT Santa Clara Valley, in partnership with CAPMT San Francisco/East Bay is excited to present

our 2nd Annual Discovery Day to kick off the 2023-2024 year! Come and be inspired!

Our theme for this year is Take It to the Next Level! -- whether that be your performing, teaching, theory, technique, or so much more!  We will also have a few special sessions that you've probably never seen before!


​We invite teachers, students, and parents to attend all day and participate in our exciting programs:

  • Two Keynote Speakers

    • Jon Nakamatsu: internationally-acclaimed concert pianist and Van Cliburn Gold Medalist

    • Dr. David Vickerman: Director of Bands at San José State University

  • Student Recitals (staff accompanists for hire if needed -- see below for details)

    • Festival Recital: open repertoire, intermediate & advanced (6 min time limit)

    • Creativity/Pops Recital: improvisation/arranging/composing/pop/jazz/musical/movie/anime (6 min time limit)

    • Emerging Performers Recital: informal recital for beginner students of all ages (4 min time limit)

    • Teacher and Collegiate Recital: teachers and college students (6 min time limit)

  • Feature Recital - featuring winners of our CAPMT and MTNA Competitions

  • Masterclasses 

    • Advanced Piano |  Dr. William Wellborn

    • Winds | Alli Gessner

    • Voice | Solmaaz Adeli

    • Strings + Chamber | Dr. Vicky Wang

  • Competitions (see below for rules)

    • VISION Competition: a creative and performance-based competition, which integrates traditional with contemporary performance elements

    • Essay Competition: a writing-based competition that highlights students' voices and their unique perspectives

  • Special Sessions

    • Pedagogy & Play for Teachers 

    • Panel on Student/Teacher/Parent Success 

    • "Dance the Dances" - held in the dance studios, dance to minuets, waltzes, and more!

    • "Under the Lid" - special session presented by San Mateo Piano looking "under the lid" of a grand piano!

    • Royal Conservatory of Music Presentation: Mock exam by Heidi Saario from RCM College of Examiners

  • Presentations

    • Wendi Kirby: Unleashing Creativity

    • Yvonne Reddy: Adding Preschool Music to Your Teaching using the PRISMS Preschool Music Curriculum

    • John Syzygy: Learning from Songs

    • Benjamin Lee: Crafting a Video Accompaniment to Your Music

    • Evan Leach: Chamber Music Composition with Musescore 4

    • Nate May: You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Creative

    • Amy Stephens: It's All in the Elbows!

    • Gail Lew: The Power of Efficient Practice: Making Every Practice Session a Success

  • Play on a new Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand Piano

    • Sponsored by San Mateo Piano

  • Exhibit Hall - Want to promote or showcase something?  Here are a few exhibitors we have hosted:

    • Community Groups: Steinway Society, New Arts Collaboration

    • Local Artists and Composers: Amy Stephens, Wendi Kirby

    • Music Education: Oboe Auntie, Synthase, PRISMS™ Preschool Music, Royal Conservatory of Music

    • Piano Showcase: Kawai & San Mateo Piano

  • Buffet Lunch (included in registration or available as an add-on)

    • Garden Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette​

    • Artisan Bread & Butter

    • Balsamic Herb Tri-Tip with Wild Mushroom Sauce

    • Rosemary-Herb Grilled Chicken

    • Market Vegetable Ratatouille

    • Scalloped Potato Au Gratin

Registration Fees

$85  Teachers & General Admission  (all sessions + catered buffet lunch included)

(discount for CAPMT Teachers - join today!)

$30  K-12 Students + Collegiate  (all sessions + catered buffet lunch included)

$60  Recital Performers  (all sessions included, lunch NOT included)

$75  Masterclass & VISION Competition Performers  (all sessions included, lunch NOT included)

Each recital and masterclass/competition performer may bring 3 guests free of charge (must give names when registering, may also attend all sessions)

$10  Additional guests

$15  Optional Lunch Add-On (per person)

If needed, $50 Accompanist Fee (paid directly to staff pianist) includes one rehearsal. 

Please write on the registration form if you would like to hire one of our accompanists.

Voice: Chun Mei Wilson

Instrumental: Elizabeth Neff

Registration Deadlines

Early Bird Registration Deadline: August 5, 2023

Regular Deadline: August 25, 2023

Registration Deadline for Recitals and Competitions: August 5, 2023

NO late registration will be accepted for Recitals and Competitions.  Registration for all Recitals and Competitions is done via the same form above.  

**For the Essay Competition, register and pay via the link above.  Then you can submit your essay here.

Registration Deadline for Presentation proposals: July 23, 2023 (CLOSED)

Full Schedule (subject to change)

2023 CAPMT Discovery Day Schedule (3).png

Keynote Speakers

Masterclass Teachers

Guest Composer-Artists


VISION Competition Judges

New for 2023!

Competitions at Discovery Day


VISION Competition


  • Instruments: Open to all instruments and voice

    • Students may perform with or without an accompanist.  Backing tracks may also be used if students bring their own speaker.

  • Age Categories: 9 and under, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18 (as of August 27, 2023)

  • Performance Requirements

    • Perform two pieces + verbal program notes:
      1. One piece, any genre, fully-notated and performed as written (transcriptions and arrangements are also acceptable)
      2. One piece with any Creative element (lead sheet, improv over a backing track, student composition, cadenza or arrangement, etc.)
      3. Students must also verbally give program notes to introduce each piece (why they chose it, interesting characteristics, inspiration behind it, etc.) — delivery is also considered in the judging

  • Time Limit: 10 minutes (all age categories)

    • It is acceptable if planned repertoire goes over the time allotted.  Judges may stop contestants in the middle of a piece if the repertoire is anticipated to go overtime.

  • There are no memorization requirements (both for performing and speaking)

  • Score must be provided for the fully-notated piece and is optional for the second piece

The registration deadline is August 5th and the competition will be held in-person at Discovery Day on August 27th.

1st-Place Winners will have the chance to perform at the Discovery Day Feature Recital!

(This is optional, and not required to be considered as a winner.)

Writing by the Water

Essay Competition


  • Age Categories: Elementary (grades K-5), Middle (grades 6-8), High School (grades 9-12)

  • Word Limits: Elementary (250), Middle (350), High (500)

  • Prompts for ALL Age Categories (choose one)

    • 1. Discuss ways in which you can team up with other music students to become more sensitive listeners.

    • 2. Where do you see the future of music education going in the next ten years?

  • Judging Criteria

    • Comprehensiveness (40%)

    • Originality (40%)

    • Mechanics (20%)

The registration deadline is August 5th while the submission deadline is August 13th. 

Register and pay via the link above and submit your essay here.

1st-Place Winners will have the chance to present their essays in-person at Discovery Day! 
(This is optional, and not required to be considered as a winner.)

DD2023 Planning Committee


Grant Kondo, Chair

Solmaaz Adeli

Alli Gessner

Julie Poklewski

Yvonne Reddy

Heidi Saario

Chun Mei Wilson

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