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Four Arts Concert
A Tribute to Forrest Kinney
Saturday, December 12, 2020  •  7 PM PST
FREE  Featuring LIVE Performances & Stories
Virtual on Zoom  •  Informal Reception to follow

We invite you to join us for an evening of music and stories celebrating Forrest Kinney, who left us too soon when he passed away last year.  He has touched and inspired countless lives and we would like to celebrate the life that he lived and continue his legacy.  We will be joined by colleagues, friends, family members, and former students of Forrest.  


The evening will combine musical performances featuring the Four Arts of Music (Interpretation, Improvisation, Composition, and Arranging) as well as stories, memories, and videos of Forrest.  If you want to stay after, we will use Breakout Rooms on Zoom for an informal gathering following the concert to meet and mingle with familiar and new faces.


(download PDF here)

Welcome  MCs: Grant Kondo & Yvonne Reddy

Art of Interpretation

Julie Poklewski • "Invocation" by Forrest Kinney

Excerpt from Creative Life by Forrest Kinney (Read by Forrest's sister, Sydney Wallace)

Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy (Forrest & Andrea)

Art of Composition

Laetitia Lehman-Pearsall    "Tribute to Forrest" by Laetitia Lehman-Pearsall

Wendi Kirby    "Forrest" by Wendi Kirby

Paula Dreyer  •  "Forrest in the Forest" by Paula Dreyer

Tribute by Anne Reese, Forrest Kinney Publications

Art of Improvisation

Grant Kondo    "Storm" from Pattern Play 6 and "For the Joy" from Create First! 1 by Forrest Kinney

Andrea Rackl    Free Improv by Andrea Rackl

Art of Arranging

Natalia Pressman    "Oblivion" by Astor Piazzolla (arr. Natalia Pressman)

Leila Viss    "Winter Window Frost" by Leila Viss (adapted from Antonio Vivaldi's "Winter" from The Four Seasons)

Dr. Kevin Helppie  •  "A Distant Land" by Kevin Helppie (adapted from Robert Schumann's Scenes from Childhood)

Four Arts Scholarship  •  A Message from Sydney Wallace, Forrest Kinney Publications

Informal Reception to follow in Zoom Breakout Rooms - feel free to join us!


Four Arts Concert - A Tribute to Forrest

Acknowledgements and Gratitude

Forrest Kinney Publications

Sydney Wallace

Anne Reese

Tonya Southwick



Planning Committee

Grant Kondo

Amy Bhatnagar

Luba Kravchenko

Julie Poklewski

Natalia Pressman

Yvonne Reddy

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